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RDAF Squadron 722, Rescue of passengers & crew from the Ferry “Skagerak”

In early September, 1966, vacationers and business people were returning to Denmark from Norway via a ferry voyage across Skagerak Strait. The MF Skagerak was a sleek one year old ferry and was the namesake of the strait she crossed. She could make the 80 mile voyage in about five hours if wind and sea … Continue reading

A Dangerous Blend, Mixing Avgas with JP-1

When you mix Avgas (aviation gasoline) with Avtur (Aviation Turbine Fuel) and refuel a Douglas DC-4 with it, it has tragic consequences as you will learn in this story. The DC-4 took off from Francistown runway 11 at 02:32. The engine temperatures started to rise, even after opening the gills. When temperatures exceeded the limit, … Continue reading

Giant Concrete Arrows That Stretch Across America

Ever so often, usually in the vast deserts of the American Southwest, a hiker or a backpacker will run across something puzzling: a large concrete arrow, as much as seventy feet in length, sitting in the middle of nowhere. The Postal Service solved the problem with the world’s first ground-based civilian navigation system: a series … Continue reading

Flying the Concorde Simulator

When the BA and Air France Concorde stopped flying in October 2003 there were two simulators that had trained all the pilots flying the aircraft. One was in in France and one in the UK. Apparently Air France chopped up their simulator and BA kept theirs. It was later donated to the Brooklands Museum and … Continue reading

The Story about “Air Inuit”

Although Europeans had for centuries explored and exploited the resources of the territory in Northern Quebec now known as Nunavik, it was well into the 20th century before regular travel to the region became a commercial necessity. When the Quebec Government decided to proceed with its intention of developing the hydro-electric potential of the area … Continue reading

The Story about Arrow Air Flight 1285

Arrow Air Flight 1285 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63CF jetliner, registered N950JW, which operated as an international charter flight carrying U.S. troops from Cairo, Egypt, to their home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, via Cologne, West Germany and Gander, Newfoundland. On the morning of Thursday, 12 December 1985, shortly after takeoff from Gander en route … Continue reading