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2015 AvGeekFest in Seattle

I arrived at Paine Field on Friday Feb. 20 and had a chance to see some action with several test/customer acceptance flights from Boeing, the off-loading of a Dreamlifter of a Boeing-787 wingset and the arrival of another Dreamlifter from Japan.

Scoot Airlines B-787-900

Scoot Airlines Boeing-787-900 taxiing for a test flight at Paine Field,WA

Boeing Dreamlifter offloading

Boeing Dreamlifter offloading a B-787 wing set.

Boeing 787-800 White

White Boeing 787-800 on the way to the final paint job. It is the South Korean President’s new aircraft.

Smokey Dreamlifter Landing

Smokey Dreamlifter Landing

Air China  B-777F

Air China B-777F landing at Paine Field.

Saturday started at the Mukilteo Speedway Cafe, where Isaac Alexander had arranged a breakfast for attendees to AGF15 for the fifth year in a row. There was a full house of 50 people and the talk reached new heights. Thank you Isaac, a great start to a great day.

AvGeek Breakfast

AvGeek Breakfast at the Mukilteo Speedway Cafe. Photo: AvgeekJoe.

AvGeek Breakfast Isaac Alexander

AvGeek Breakfast with Isaac Alexander busy recording the event. Photo: AvgeekJoe.

Follow Isaac Alexander on Twitter where he serves up a lot of information about aviation in the Seattle area and other places around the world.

After breakfast everybody went their own ways to see the museums or MOF restoration center before converging at the Future of Flight for registration and welcome by David Parker Brown from Airline Reporter who together with a lot of people arranges this weekend.

We then went on a Boeing Everett factory floor, where we saw close up the production lines of the B-747-800, B-777X and last but not least the B-787 which is now producing the 787-900 series as well as the remaining 800 orders.

Boeing 747-800

Boeing 747-800, Photo: David Parker Brown.

We continued to the Boeing delivery center where the customer gets the “key” to the aircraft handed over during a ceremony that the airline wants. If they want Russian Caviar and Champagne or coffee and donuts, dragon dancers or anything else they get it.

Boeing Delivery Center

Boeing Delivery Center not yet completed in this photo from 2012, Photo: Bernie Leighton.

What they do not get is a “full tank” Boeing delivers all aircraft with 1/3 fuel capacity in the tanks and the customer pays from thereon.

After the tour it was dinner at the Future of Flight where we got introduced to the new “#AvGeek” beer, which was brewed with a # 727 Hop. A hoppy beer.

#AvGeek Beer

A Boeing test pilot was the guest speaker who entertained and educated us about his life as a test pilot. Then the raffle draw and the end of day one.

Sunday bright at early 8:00am arriving at the Museum of Flight next to Boeing Field, where the Museum has opened up the Concorde and their new Boeing 787-800 which was the third one built and was one of the test aircraft. I has been restored inside and has some seats in each cabin. A nice experience telling me I have to do a trip in one soon.

Super Constellation

Super Constellation In Trans Canada Airlines Livery.

# 3 Boeing 787-800

# 3 Boeing 787-800 basking in the early morning sun.

B-787-800 Economy Class

B-787-800 Economy Class with mood lighting on.

Rolls Royce Trent 1000

Rolls Royce Trent 1000, powering this B-787-800.

Boeing 787-800 Cockpit

Boeing 787-800 Cockpit or Flightdeck?

There was ample time to roam around in the museum before we assembled for a trip to the Boeing Renton Plant where they built 42 B-737 a month. It is a great tour and even with one production line available to view because they are doing preparations for Max production, the tour was very interesting with great tour guides.

We then went to the new Boeing Customer Experience Center, so new it is not yet opened. It is a bit like a luxury car dealership, but they are selling $ 350 million aircraft instead. Unfortunately we were not made aware that photos could be taken, so some of the photos are from my fiend Sandy Woods, and some are from the Dreamliner at the MOF.

Welcome to the Boeing Customer Experience Center

Welcome to the Boeing Customer Experience Center Photo: Sandy Wood

All Boeing’s commercial aircraft from the 737 to 787 is represented by a cabin mock up of each aircraft, do not know what size it is but they all have the 3 classes represented with cabin lay-out.

Mock up of B-777 Cabin

Mock up of B-777 Cabin at the Boeing Customer Experience Center. Photo: Sandy Ward

Mood lighting in the B-787-800 at the MOF.

Mood lighting in the B-787-800 at the MOF.

All manned by people who seemed to be part of the cabin development team having a lot of knowledge. The hour went by quickly and when we arrived back at the MOF the 2015 AvGeekFest was over.

I spent part of Monday back at Paine Field to watch the activity and headed north to Canada.

Virgin Atlantic B-787-900

Virgin Atlantic B-787-900 landing at Paine Field after a test flight.

American Airlines B-787-800 taxiing for a test flight at Paine Field.

American Airlines B-787-800 taxiing for a test flight at Paine Field.

Singapore Airlines B-777-300ER

Singapore Airlines B-777-300ER after an acceptance flight by the Airline.

Green Cathay Pacific -777-300ER

Green Cathay Pacific -777-300ER on the way to a Paint Shop

A big THANK YOU to all the people involved in organizing this fantastic event. Looking forward to the 2016 AvGeekFest.

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